ABOUT US ______

Deliver my tune is an online music aggregation and distribution website. Now is the era of digital world. There was a time when people used to buy cassettes and CDs to listen to music. Those were primitive ways of propagating an artist’s work and taking it to audience. Those ways had their limitations.

Today the things have changed substantially. Everything is available at just a click and that is because of digital distribution. Online music stores like iTunes, Saavn, Gaana, wynk, GooglePlayMusic etc have played a key role.

Deliver My Tune understands the strength of digital music distribution and the fact that the future of music and the artists lies in it. All an artist has to do is sing and take the music to all the online music stores. The biggest benefit of this would be an audience of millions across the globe.

Now the question would be, how do you get your tracks on stores like these? This is where we come in, We at Deliver My Tune are there to resolve all the hassle of taking your music to popular online music stores like saavn, iTunes, Wynk, Gaana, GooglePlayMusic etc. All an artist has to do is create and sing the song as beautifully as he is able to and then upload his track on our website, and we shall digitally distribute his song/Album the online music stores.

Till Now world has seen an era of where composers and artists used to attach themselves with a renowned label. But now the things have changed, We bring an era that does not work on the stereotypical ideologies of labels. With us artist has full control over his track. This is how we build a platform, which works irrespective of the fact whether you are a new comer, or an established singer, whether this is your first album or 10th. Everyone is equal for us.

WHAT WE DO ______

We distribute music worldwide on online music stores and it is impossible for an artist to meet up the requirements of all the stores be it technical or financial.
So, we have made it simple for everyone. We have developed a platform where any artist can come and get their music distributed in 4 simple steps.
You give us the audio and artwork/cover in a single format, with a nominal fee and we convert it so it meets up the requirement of individual stores.
But don’t worry you don’t lose any of your rights.
You keep 100% rights and full control over your song(s) distribution.



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$10 extra for UPC code

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